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Xiamen Xing colorful Electronics Co., Ltd.Established in March 28, 2005. engaged in the import and export of high-tech products trade and the development of high-tech products and high-tech investment projects, and has been committed to the application of multimedia software development, the successful development of IPVOD Video-on-Demand System, IPVOD KTV-on-Demand system, hard disk karaoke machines, video broadcast system IPVOD series multimedia products, has been successfully applied in education, KTV, hotels, the government, public security, companies, families and many other fields. And numerous representatives of the most sophisticated international technical professional company established an extensive long-term cooperative relations. The company has been advocating the "knowledge for the creation of wealth, technology used to repay the society," constantly introduce advanced technologies and products, services in China's public security, procuratorial investigators technology, anti-terrorism security, immigration and quarantine inspection and food safety inspection, disease prevention and control, aquatic livestock disease quarantine, quality supervision, inspection, ecological restoration, and other fields. Meanwhile a series of secondary development of products and lower costs, meet domestic customers. Making high-technology services in the community, the benefit to the Chinese nation.
  Xing Colorful enterprises from the time of the establishment of advocacy "satisfied 10000 River water, hygiene and colorful - like, brainstorming, Kwong Lee financing "to attract talent and the introduction of projects," capitalists "to" capital. " Broad coalition of cooperation oriented to high technology from the laboratory into productivity, market, opened up a model of industrial knowledge economy, and strive to realize the "knowledge to create wealth and technology to society," the good wishes.      

Xing Colorful purpose

Brainstorming, raising Kwong Lee, who is 10000 River water, the colorful - like, while the ocean's tide of high technology Yang Fan, Let knowledge to create wealth and social returns with technology.
Xing Colorful business ideas

Business technology, marketing services, technology, the development of technology, innovation and technology are xing colorful - the innovation of business. Professional services, personalized services, all services are xingcolorful - based market

Xing Colorful core values

Integrity, professional, pragmatic
Credibility is colorful enterprise-life
principles, professional xing colorful
industry is the attitude of pragmatism is xing colorful style corporate management.
This is xing colorful the "three do" : The first is a man, doing things Sui-lung, third is to do business

Xing Colorful spirit of enterprise

Innovative, successful and happy.
Break stereotypes time.
Teamwork, the pursuit of success.
Happy, enjoy life.
Xing Colorful vision

First-class staff, excellent products, excellent services,

Xing Colorful Quality Policy

To ensure that high-tech business growth, with excellent services to meet customer needs.

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